If you own your own home, the current full pension is more than enough!

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If you own your own home, the current full pension is more than enough!
In fact, I will argue that $30,000 a year is more than enough for a married couple, not these nonsense numbers being put out by the Superannuation funds.
My wife and I walk the talk, our superannuation is a few thousand dollars less than the married couple's pension and we still live on it quite well without touching our assets.

A few years of high inflation will put an end to that. Lifestyle also plays a major role, so what might seem workable to some, won't be for others.
STKR said:
A few years of high inflation will put an end to that. Lifestyle also plays a major role, so what might seem workable to some, won't be for others.

Lifestyle or the nuisance factor plays the most significant role!
I have a choice! Go on a long waiting list for elective surgery or save $5000 a year on Private Health Insurance
Get rid of the car and be a little inconvenienced taking public transport or the occasional Uber; another few thousand dollars saved.
Skip going to the club and having to fork out $9 for a schooner of draft Asahi and $15 hamburgers, thousand saved.
Of course, I never need to make these sacrifices because I am a Stacker. :)
I agree with that. I'm pretty conservative with my spending, so surviving off very little isn't a big adjustment/sacrifice for me. I could definitely see myself living off $30,000 a year with today's purchasing power. But it wouldn't allow much room for incidentals. I couldn't imagine living a life without a car though. Owning your own transport is not only convenient, it's freedom for someone like me.
My problem with the system is seeing people with millions of dollars in assets getting the pension, and the same people complaining about how little the pension is.
A large number of them are just using the equity of their home to live the great lifestyle and the pension is a bonus.
the house they paid fuck all for in the 90's and could have paid off is back in debt funding their lifestyle and travel. they die in debt, but lived the end of their lives like kings.
this current lot are sucking up the aged pension, sucking up government money leaving nothing for any generation who wont be retiring for another 30-40 years.
being the kids of one of those fuckers Isnt even that great, I think the kids of these people are thinking when they keel over there will be a nice house to inherit, and finally get to own a home, but really the parents racked up so much debt to fund their retirement lifestyles, the bank owns the house lol.
So they right royally screwed that generation. so they will leave the country in debt when they die, and leave the house hold in debt when they die lol

But I find it funny how they say the young generation live on government hand outs lol,I also find it funny how they say the younger generation has destroyed this country financially, but who are these young people who have been running the show? The last time I checked, over the last 30 years the guys running the government have been roughly from their own generation, all the decisions that have left this country screwed have been done by their own people. The generation that sold this country off to foreign owned companies and profited off it was their own generation.
There is nothing left for the Next generations.
Shit the cunts even expected the entire younger generations to quit their jobs and go on the government purse for two years, and receive a shitty sum of government money as compensation, expected the younger generation to close their businesses for two years with out any real compensation, and the younger gen to quit going to school for two years so they can keep living that lifestyle and feel safe against a flu.
But they did expect the government to pour a hundreds of billions of dollars into the housing market to keep that propped up so it didnt mess with their wealth and their major source of income over covid. We couldn't have the oldies having a hard time, that hardship (take one for the team) was for the younger working families, not old asset rich bastards who's only hardship was they couldnt take their RV for two years.

I was never Into ageism until covid, but we all saw how greedy many are.
My kids generation is completely fucked thanks to this current crop who are about to leave this world broke while they lived their final years like kings.
But they will forever tell every one how they were victims because for like 2 years of their 25 year mortgage on a small home loan, they once paid 18% interest rates ahaha. always conveniently leaving out the part,where after those two years, and for the rest of the loan, they enjoyed constant decline in interest rates, had real wage growth, and a massive increase in home value from what was originally a very small home loan comparative to wage. lol 
Oh but the younger generation has it so easy lol

BTW this isnt all retirees, but its increasingly common for this tobe the case. So its good to see there are people like Aurora et Luna who try and stand on their own two feet,and live modestly, but sadly your a minority.
So while im slamming this generation I have the utmost respect for self funded retirees who have chosen a modest but self sufficient lifestyle. That was the idea of the system, but there are so many who could be self funded who choose not tobe as it works out better to be a leach.

So sorry for the rant But watching people with such high assets, touring around in their RV's, living off the government pension, complaining about how small the pension is, while bagging the younger generation,It really pisses me off.
Now saying all that, I do feel for those pensioners who are genuine battlers,those who dont own homes,and have to deal with high rents and higher inflation. that money these other pricks are getting for them to drive around in RV's and sit on Million dollar family homes, should be taken away from them and directed to those battlers on the pension.
I have a genuine battler who is a retiree in our rental property, rent prices have gone up so much where my rental is, and its not a rich area. I cant bring my self in good conscience to bring that rent upto current rental market price, it would leave this bloke out on the street who is an old Veteran. He currently paying $100 under rental market price and still struggles, he always pays rent but he owns the essentials and nothing more. if I dont need to charge more for rent I dont see why I need to meet current market value at the expense of putting a battler on the streets, plus he has lived in that property longer than ive owned it, he has been there for 15 years. lol.
that guy deserves higher pension, not the pricks in the RV's who only have the pension for petrol money and for coffees lol