How to vote in 2022

Shlomo Goldberg

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Are you tired of empty promises from entrenched, entitled parasites masquerading as your representative?
If the answer is yes, how will you set about change?
Let's face it, a vote for LNP, Green or Labor will only serve up more of the same shit sandwich. So, what to do?
Do you truly believe the village idiot aka hillsong hypocrite, pissed up root-rat barney, wheazey, greasey, calabrese or sarah sea-patrol are the best this country has to offer?

I had the pleasure of listening to a wise old gentleman recently, & his solution is extraordinarily simplel & must be effective, unless of course the counting is rigged & fraudulent.
His solution is the first step in restoring the possibility of true representation. We need to lawfully remove the parasites that see themselves as untouchable.

This fellows advice is simple, where ever you are, PUT THE SITTING MEMBER LAST.
It guarantees a clean slate.
Interested to hear your thoughts.
Polling Payday for the Political Cartel

6 minute video on how preferential voting can work to favour minor parties.

This is an incredible explanation that all Australians need to watch and share.

"Vote Other".....I don't care who sits on the Treasury benches as both major parties are wings of the same bird........but I wish to see both houses of Federal Parliament with enough minor party representation (note excluding Greens) so to ensure that whoever gets the corner office has to deal with some hostile members who won't allow the any BS laws to be passed and might able be able to get some things repealed.
'Put The Majors Last' website nearly ready
I am so excited about this new resource. Not only can you make your own, but you can make them for your friends and family for their electorates. The hard work and research has all been done for you...all you need to do is USE IT and SHARE IT.

The website isn't live yet but will be very soon. Watch the video below. You can put your email into the website and get notified when it's live. www.majorslast.com

ATTENTION: Print your own how-to-vote cards

This is a game-changer!