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I just treated myself to a high-end home theatre system with a motorised projector screen and a Dolby vision enhanced projector. It's 3d compatible and I'm watching my first 3d movie right now. I cannot believe how good it is - By far the best movie experience I've ever had! The picture quality is beyond what I imagined it could be.

Does anyone here run a projector?
I was thinking about getting one. What brand / model did you get?
I ended up getting the Xgimi horizon ultra. I wouldn't have chosen the Xgimi if I just wanted to watch movies, but I also wanted something portable, quiet and suited for gaming with low input lag. It's an excellent all-rounder and I'm very happy with the purchase.

It's biggest downside is it's contrast, making dark scenes in daytime settings hard to see, and it's a bit laggy in the menu when you first exit a movie or application, but it does everything else so well that they're easy compromises to make.

I am so impressed with the 3d movie quality. I only bought one set of special DLP glasses to test out and now I'm going to get another 3 so the whole family can enjoy the experience together. It's a 10/10 for me. I cannot see it getting any better than this.

Oh, and the Xgimi can be projected on any wall. You can set the paint colour and it will adjust accordingly. Pretty neat. But I got a Grandview motorised projector screen that makes a difference to image quality... But not that noticeable. It's more the fact that I can push a button on the remote and my home theatre comes to life. It's a neat feature
"I can't imagine it getting better than this."
I don't think it's going to stop there, holographic tech is coming, and then a chip in your brain that takes you into a different reality.
It does sound awesome though!
I've only got a 42inch TV that I hardly use.
I spend more time looking out the big window at the garden and the weather go by.
The definition and 3d image quality is the best I've ever experienced. I've seen a few 3d movies at the cinema and this is such a giant leap ahead of that.

I certainly go through phases of watching movies and playing games. Then I become repelled by the mere thought of it all and abandon it altogether for a period of time. It gets old real quick. Nothing beats mother nature and soaking up the here and now.