Google Chrome Troubleshoot


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Hi all,

First off massive thanks for starting this forum for the SS members to keep in contact.

Just curious if anyone has any issues with registering/login with google chrome? Every time I try to log in it says ?session timed out?. I?ve had to use my mobile to create an account and login. Super whack

This is the first report I've had.

Try clearing your browser's cache. Restart the browser.

Did you tick the "Always stay logged in" box?

Let me know if any of that fixed it.

FYI - I almost exclusively use Chrome.
Yeah I've never had an issues with Chrome prior to this.

I tried all the steps listed and it still didn't work. I did figure out it was my antivirus program that was blocking me from registering/login. I had to disable it and now it's working fine.

So if anyone else has a similar problem where the register page keeps refreshing to the agreement page after clicking "I accept...", or when trying to login it says "session timed out whilst posting...", try disabling or creating an exclusion with your antivirus program first.