Sale or Barter Goods for barter thread (November 2023)

Goods for sale, barter, or open to offers.
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I have a Panasonic Toughbook in good condition for its age. Trade for $320 shipped or 1/10th oz gold or 8oz 999 silver.

i5 2.6Ghz / 8GB RAM / 120GB SSD / 10" Touchscreen that converts to tablet mode. Battery lasts well and comes with a voltage correct Toshiba power supply. There is no stylus with this and 95% of the BIOS is unlocked. I think the few bits that are locked, are factory locked, but you can change all the important stuff.

For those of you who don't know what a toughbook is, it is a line of rugged computers and is designed to withstand vibration, drops, spills, extreme temperature, and rough handling. It is used by the military and by many companies on mines etc.

Goods for barter thread for November 2023.

Post any items you're willing to swap or barter using precious metals. e.g. Jewelry, electronics, coins, crypto ... etc.

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