Goods for barter thread (July 2022)

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Goods for barter thread for July 2022.

Post any items you're willing to swap or barter using precious metals. e.g. Jewelry, electronics, coins, crypto ... etc.
I have a couple of brand new Olight Warrior Mini torches that I am looking to swap for cash or metals.
Looking for 3 ozs of silver or $75 for the black model SOLD. $10 extra for the Desert Tan model.
Shipping is $12
These torches are not toys! Put them in lockout mode if you want to carry them in your pocket or expect your testicles to be warmed if the tail switch turns on accidently.
Check out the video and review below.


Solar Generator.  Brand new, perfect for the guy wanting to be prepared for power outages.

AGM 300ah
2kw inverter with UPS feature
MPPT for 520watts of solar input, 40amps and 100volts max input
bluetooth control and monitoring
Shunt battery monitor
12volt sockets
USB ports.
Purpose made Australian steel welded frame on caster wheels for easy moving to areas with no power source, solid as buggery.
Plug and play ready togo, hook up some solar panels to charge in a garage, wheel it out when needed.
suitable for offgrid Tiny home, small cabin, shed power, backup power for a business for things like cash registers, POS, eftpos and so on.
This system would happily run home fridges and freezers, and a number of 240v items with in reason.
$1400 cash plus $1400 In low premium 24k gold bullion
total $2800

I build these via my new business, thought id offer 50/50 cash/gold trade for you guys.
location sunshine coast



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