Goodbye Silver Stackers & Hello Silveroos

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Got sick of that Hitler cunt mmm....shiney! So I'm out of Silver Stackers until the cunt fucks off, & hello Silveroos. Little cunt has blocked me in threads I haven't even commented in! Talk about abuse of power. Anyway I'm gonna drag as many people I can into this site
OK, so what am I doing wrong in trying to upload pictures! Pics are the right size I'm sure, but when I go to load the attachment I cant. Does the attachment box change colour or show you the uploaded pic? Help, please :)
the filename of the image is in the choose file box including .jpg. But that is it! Am I suppose to have a pic of the file?


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Click on "Profile" on the top bar. Then see the attached image "Edit ignore list".


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Ummm boss I get none of that. I click on profile & only get Summery/Account Settings/Forum Profile! entering any of these does not show me anything like yours. Cheers
OK Boss, Been using the tools around the forum & getting quite accustomed to them & the new surroundings. A few more days & it will feel like I have been here for years.  ;D