GOLD CORP - Intimidation - Western Australian Government???


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Guys, many of you would have received emails from Gold Corp wanting you to provide personal details even though you have already provided documentation to open an account.

Now, a representative from Gold Corp (The Perth Mint) is phoning clients, threatening to suspend accounts until new documentation is forwarded to them.

As you may know, transactions for bullion under $5000AUD do not require identification IAW AUSTRAC.

It's not only intimidating but very annoying especially when some of us have had accounts with Perth for many years. We have already provided documentation but now are threatened with suspension of accounts if we don't submit new ID.

Are other bullion dealers asking clients to provide new ID?

I know Ainslie want you to be verified if your order is over 5K as do other bullion dealers.

It would seem that The Perth Mint CEO needs to explain what the hell is going on! ::)
There's definitely something suspect going on here. I wonder if the same thing is happening with other government mints across the pond.