Gold bars found in US Senator home linked to 2013 armed robbery: report


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Four of the gold bars a US Senator stashed at his home were previously stolen from the businessman accused of bribing a politician, according to a report.

Four of the gold bars US Senator Bob Menendez stashed at his home were previously stolen from the businessman accused of bribing the New Jersey Democrat, according to a report.

The serial numbers on some of the gold found by the FBI during a June 2022 raid on his New Jersey home match identifiers that Fred Daibes reported to police after a 2013 armed robbery, according to NBC News.

Robbers made off with $770,000 in cash and 22 gold bars from Daibes’ New Jersey home during the 2013 heist, the outlet reports.

As per the New York Post, police later nabbed four suspects and recovered the stolen gold.

The matching serial numbers indicate that authorities have directly linked at least some of the gold found in Menendez’s home to Daibes, a New Jersey real estate developer and Menendez fundraiser.

Daibes has been accused of bribing the senator for a series of favours, including help in disrupting a federal prosecution against him.

“Each gold bar has its own serial number,” Daibes told investigators in 2014 when questioned about the stolen gold.

“They’re all stamped … you’ll never see two stamped the same way.”


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The US, and its politicians have been stealing gold for decades. Not only from each other, and their own people's but also from other nations around the world. Greedy pigs they are. This is only proof of what the elite are sucking out of good people.