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Hi guys,
finally got my rear into gear and am migrating over here. thought i would start with a sales thread.
why so cheap, its dirty dirty 925 lol
however they are great little John Pinches of London minted bars with rare silver jubilee hallmarks. about 2oz each asw they are a bargain and great way to stack. not that the box weights a ton and i am happy to ship but it will cost a bomb!
so 2.363 kg of 925 is 2.1857 asw @ current spot it is $2052.37 worth. my price is $1850 (silverroos special price) + postage at buyers choice/cost /risk
just having trouble uploading images. gotta figure new site out sorry, i am super autistic and hate change but i think this change is worth the effort


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thanks oz, can you perhaps pm me with how you did that or start an instructional thread?
it seems that i got way to comfortable with the stackers website making things easy for me
Mind you I started to collect  a series called crown mint beauties  many years ago  $30 a pop! Now it's name your price when people want to sell them . You just never know.