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Am I missing something but is the Perth Mint 1gram Certicard from Swan Bullion for $99 a steal? https://swanbullion.com/perth-mint-kangaroo-1g-9999-gold-minted-bullion-bar/

It's on par with 1/10th current prices at Bullion Dealers. https://www.goldstackers.com.au/product/perth-mint-2022-lunar-tiger-gold-coin-1-10oz/

I'm looking at the small stacker establishing a foothold in the market perspective. Also, in the theoretical Argentina collapse scenario, a 1gram bar for everyday transaction may be better than a 1/10th.

$99 for a 1 gram Perth Mint card seems a good buy to me. I like the 1 gram size of fractional. If gold doubles over the next few years, that size will still be affordable!
I decided to grab a few. I don't see a serious downside other than taking up space (32 of them vs 1x1oz) but less space than the equivalent dollar value in silver.

Swan Bullion also offers *free* storage for 12 weeks so it'd be possible to dollar cost average these and save on postage.

I'm very happy with my 1gram Certicards that I ordered from Swan Bullion. Swan Bullion supplied them in individual felt bags.
I found my old YouTube channel which had video of my 2010 stack. Anyway it had a 1gram bar which I dismissed as buying more for interests sake. I mentioned the price of $50. Just a data point I thought was interesting