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G'day Roos, I was looking into smart meters 6 or 7 years ago & I wasn't encouraged from what I saw at the time in terms of privacy, higher bills & fire risk, EMF emissions  etc.
Does anybody here have first hand experience or reliable anecdotes that might be inconsistent with the virtues portrayed by those promoting them?
A letter arrived today saying we are scheduled to get our electricity meter "upgraded"  to a "smart meter" in early August.
It's a funny little letter that informs that we may be placed on a new pricing plan & we'll be provided with another letter after the fact.
Our intention is to get the letter now, so that we can letter box drop our neighbours before they submit to any change.
Naturally their offer of unsolicited goods & services will be declined & returned along with a letter informing our current provider that we are switching providers.
After recent price rises, we were going to switch to RED energy, but because they insisted we get a smart meter, we didn't go ahead.

Thanks for the info Oz.
It would not surprise me if some mischievous  prick got 300 of these printed & distributed over the weekend.
The "lady"at the provider was reasonably pleasant until we started talking about "opting out". She said, the letter says you can't. I told her it says nothing of the sort.
"The file says, your meter doesn't meet the standard". I informed her that is insufficient grounds to change our meter.
They used weasel words to trick the reader.
She changed her tune when I told her to tell the installers to keep walking when they get to number 16.
Shlomo Goldberg said:
Thanks for your reply GE. What aspects of the smart meter  are you particularly disappointed with?
The power company can turn individual homes off and on at the push of a button which has happened here for no apparent reason. With the old system they had to physically visit your home to do this. They also need to visit your home to turn gas and water off unless you have SMART technology fitted.

The radiation coming from my meter is way higher than anything else in the house, and it's very difficult to shield from this.

If you can believe the Rumble videos by Barrie Trower they can use smart meters to eavesdrop and do all sorts of other nasty things. He's a world expert on the problems of SMART meters, phone towers, smart phones, 5G, wifi and energy weapons.

SMART = Surveillance, Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology