Egg strike to reduce prices

I love people power. I just hate it when people are brainwashed/conditioned and "they" use people power against us.

The western world is just.... different. We've had it too good for too long and the majority of us are too willing to accept covert oppression.
Not even covert, the amount of people who unironcially supported the police shooting unarmed protesters who were running away with ?less lethal? shotgun rounds.
People support overt oppression. It's fucked.
it was expensive to have an egg back in the 70s
it is now too cheap for an egg to be selling for 23 cents each

Back in the 70s and 80s we had 4 to 6 hens at any given time that supplied eggs more than enough for cooking needs. Great bug catchers in the garden and excellent poo droppers, With The odd chicken roast on Sunday for a non layer. So many people have turned their backs on the old ways of doing things to live well or even to survive its crazy!

Today on our land we have more than 40 chickens in different stages of growing life.
build a nice nest from some wood shave

and your next door dirty dozen will lay their ducks egg there
their ducks are free range , your eggs are free LOL