Edward Sterck - This Metal Could Outperform Silver and Gold


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Patrick Vierra from SBTV spoke with Edward Sterck, the Director of Research for the World Platinum Investment Council. Edward shares the numbers from his research regarding platinum and could this metal outperform silver and gold?

Discussed in this interview:
02:26 2024 Platinum outlook
07:07 Platinum deficits/demands
12:16 The challenges for platinum
23:10 Platinum in hydrogen vehicles
27:56 Investing in platinum

I've been taking the punt on this metal lately because it is so cheap to other precious metals! Quite a few years ago I read an article about how important it is in hydrogen vehicles. Because of that article and how important platinum is for hydrogen industry I feel this metal will reverse its unloved trend and flog the shit out of gold in the future Let's see if I'm right. :)
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Pt is cheaper than Pd
Pt is half price of Au
Platinum Elephant looks very good, much better than Platinum Britannia
hope it will not take decades for it to shine again