Don't be afraid of collecting rare and unusual gold coins if the price is good

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I have visited many countries in my lifetime and have been inside countless coin dealers and banks that actually sell gold coins.
There are actually hundreds of gold coins that I can't identify however with the internet, Numista, and Krause catalogs as a guide, every coin can be identified by these coin dealers and me.
The beauty of gold coins is that their actual gold weight and specifications are a great help in determining their authenticity.
So if a gold buyer disputes the actual gold content of a coin you are offering for sale, it only takes minutes to browse through their Krause catalog or show them numerous results on the internet.
A decent coin dealer or jeweller would also own an XRF machine for added safety.
So don't be afraid to buy a beautiful foreign coin instead of sticking to boring Australian coins just because they are more identifiable in Australia or elsewhere around the world.
A beautiful, not as well-known gold coin is sometimes more important to me than a bog standard coin if its actual gold content is of similar pricing

Alot of world gold that gets a huge premium now as well.
Indian mohars are a great example. The British colonial ones could be had for $1k 10 years ago,  starting price nowadays is $10k
Was always keen on these but most went to GP in the early years of Stackers

if just for the Au content, there is no point to pay gst/premium/etc
look at those buy backs from dealers, to get the ideas
3 9s or 4 9s
gold maples etc
Hi.  I have had this gold coin for a few years now, difficult to find out much about its history.  A nice piece though.


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Not a coin , but rather a medallion or gold round.
putting my autism aside it is a very nice piece that i would be worthy of a premium price.
You are correct.  As I posted I realised it wasn?t a coin but for the life of me I could not remember ?round? 🤣.  Old timers kicking in.