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G'day Roos, some of you may remember the black truck "Zeus" that peacefully rolled up at parliament house in Canberra during the massive protest against pandemic mandates. The driver was assaulted by police & his truck was impounded. The driver faces 30+ years in prison on trumped up charges for peacefully making a wrong turn.
He is due to face the Supreme Court on Monday morning & his legal costs are expected to be in the vicinity of $75,000.
In short, he is unable to fund his legal defence. STKR & I will be present on Monday morning for moral support & to kick in to the fighting fund. We will contribute $100 each. At this point we're asking those that are able to contribute to do so or pledge a donation. PM for my account details.
We believe what we are seeing at the moment is a lull in the campaign against us & complacency is as much our enemy as those that seek to harm our families.

We aren't finished yet so if you're able to help this man, please do.
This is such a great cause. It's the people getting behind the little guy and putting 'The Man' on notice. When we support each other in these times, the tactics they use against us lose all power.

Good shit Shlomo 👍 I'm so glad you were informed of this because I'm excited to show up on Monday and show my support. I hope there's a massive crowd of people... I have a feeling there will be. I'll take some photos and share it in this thread on Monday. Respect to all the Roos who've donated.
Thanks STKR & thank you for your passionate support & for that of our friends/brothers/sisters here.
We can't in good conscience do nothing as others are fighting & suffering for us.
I would hope that Simeon and Avi are offering support considering their involvement at the time and soon after the event
It was an open court and a decent turnout considering it was just a hearing. Paul was the last one to be heard (via video call) and the magistrate was made well aware of who was in attendance to support him because of this. Requested time for the trial was 2 weeks due to the sheer volume of evidence for the defence from eye witnesses.

Trial has been set for 26th of June, 2024.

Chargers are:

2 counts of using a vehicle as a weapon against police.
1 count of resisting arrest.
1 count of evade police.

All charges are nonsense, and the only real charge they would be able to justify is refusing to follow police direction/instruction... And even that would be a hard thing to prove.

Paul has suffered multiple brain injuries (unrelated) and that may work in his favour re: being confused about the requested instructions from police. Unsure of what the defence angle would be but there's no shortage of video evidence and eye witnesses, and it all shows no lives were ever in danger from the actions (or inactions) of Paul. The case isn't as open/shut as that though.

All-in-all, it was a worthwhile endeavour showing up and raising funds for the cause.


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Relying on brain injury for the defence might backfire if the Gestapo decide that these injuries mean that he is not capable of driving heavy machinery now.

Just a thought
Thanks for posting this update STKR & good to catch up with you today too.
Thank you to everybody that assisted with the fighting fund /auctions It's greatly appreciated. We'll keep the updates coming as they come to hand.
Steveno said:
Relying on brain injury for the defence might backfire if the Gestapo decide that these injuries mean that he is not capable of driving heavy machinery now.

Just a thought

Yeah, it may well work against him but I doubt they'll be relying on it for his defence. The charges of using a vehicle as a weapon would never stand because you can see from the video footage it was never used in that manner.

Resisting arrest and evade police were technically just one instance and there was no intent to do any of that, so it would come down to how his actions are interpreted by the courts. The video evidence does a good job at rejecting these allegations but there's still a chance these charges will stick if the AFP can prove he was combative with the intent to resist and evade arrest.

Honestly, I think it's inevitable that he'll be charged with something. But the magistrate demonstrated that she was understanding, reasonable and fair with her interactions at the hearing today. If I were facing charges, I'd be ok with someone like her judging my case.

Additional two charges of "driving at police", which carries a potential gaol sentence of 40 years (unlikely).

Total list of charges:

- Not complying with direction of a police officer
- failing to stop a motor vehicle
- Aggravated driving
- Escaping arrest
- Drive at police X2
- Obstructing a territory official

Vehicle was impounded. The AFP attempted to sell the vehicle but that was stopped by order from the magistrate.

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