?Do you see it??: $2500 gold nugget hidden in plain sight


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A young prospector has found a gold nugget worth approximately $2500 hiding in plain sight in the red soil of the Western Australian Outback.

Tyler Mahoney, renowned for her appearances on the reality TV show Gold Rush, shared a video showcasing the discovery made by her father on their family?s gold mining tenement near Kalgoorlie last Friday morning.

The precious nugget didn?t gleam through the dirt, as one would expect, and is hard to spot in the footage, encrusted in layers of red soil.

The find is an alluvial gold nugget, meaning it gradually surfaced from its original deposit over thousands of years.

Mahoney, who has gained notoriety for breaking the mould of a typical Australian prospector, expressed her excitement, saying, ?So my Dad made $2500 before breakfast. How good is Australian gold??

The 27-year-old prospector, recently an author of the book Gold Digger, recounted her childhood exploring the desert with her family before returning to her true calling in gold mining.

More: https://www.news.com.au/finance/business/mining/do-you-see-it-2500-gold-nugget-hidden-in-plain-sight/news-story/e5e879135cb3bbd4a964045dfd52b308