Deleting the internet - Mass censorship

Duckduckgo is so 2 years ago. Brave.search is the best show in town atm. Well, it's what I use and I'm happy with it, I am going to test it by doing what this guy did though.
Please report findings.
Last time I used Brave I found the search results very small and missing a bunch of sites I wanted to locate.
I reckon some of the newer search engines just piggy back off Google and Bing search results. Brave never really claims they don't have censored results, rather they just take the privacy route by claiming to not track you.
I find myself using advanced Google search operators to search alternate sites like brandnewtube.com, bitchute.com ... etc.


pfizer ceo healthy site:https://www.bitchute.com

It's a way to limit the results to a particular site. The search function on most alternate media sites doesn't work very well.
Man deleting the internet would be the best thing for the human race IMO, Its made it so much easier for these commy pricks over the pond to fill our citizens heads full of their commy shit.
Meanwhile USA and UK are imploding in their capitalist ways. You can only rob the world of its wealth for so long and then the shit just flows back in a big way. The revenge on these dirty robbing nations  will thump them so hard up their asses they won't know what hit them, and it's happening right befor your eyes. USA,  UK,  Canada,  Australia,  and God knows who else are training neo nazi  scum. So much  disrespect for our diggers graves.  And commy is so 1950's  get a life.