David Brady: Gold and Silver Will be the Only Safe Harbor in Coming Crisis


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Bank of America has a big short position on gold, while JP Morgan has a smaller position but is long. Everything else with the metals is looking promising. Brady suggests acting contrary to the markets, as emotions can be the death of wealth. It is important to maintain an analytical approach to markets.

Brady argues that the Fed should be more concerned with deflation, instead they are considering further rate hikes. The peak in PPI was 9.2% a year ago, which has now fallen well below 3%. He believes the PPI is a much cleaner statistic than the CPI. Brady believes that gold is sniffing out that rate hikes are already priced in and perhaps we will get one more price hike. He expects bank failures are almost certain in this environment.

Brady also suggests that Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) will be rolled out along with digital identification and universal basic income. He believes that this new money will be spent on existing goods and services, which will only create more problems and more inflation. In that environment, gold and silver prices will explode, while other asset bubbles burst.

He believes Canadian Banks may be vulnerable, with the exception of the large too big to fail, CIBC and RBC. The housing market has been spectacular, with the lowest affordability and highest debt to personal income, creating a potential disaster.

Brady suggests miners may be cheap soon relative to the metals, and if they are underperforming, it is a great buying opportunity. He also cautions that when everything is going to hell for government finances, they will do anything to keep the ship afloat, including potentially nationalizing mines and other industries.

He believes that the West's implementation of CBDC systems will fail because they will still be fiat based. The BRICS version however is likely to be tied in some fashion to commodities.

Brady's advice is to focus on miners in North America and wait for confirmation of the lows. He stresses not to get caught in the weeds, as the reward potential is high, and the train is leaving the station soon.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 - Introduction
0:35 - Sentiment & Capitulation
7:16 - Banks & COT Positioning
8:09 - Emotion and Wealth
14:53 - Exiting at the Top
17:15 - Fed & Deflation
20:38 - Feds Path Forward?
30:03 - Banks in Canada
32:52 - Mortgage Terms & Collapse
35:56 - Miners Underperformance
42:15 - Nationalization Risks
44:05 - BRICS Meeting Thoughts
51:58 - Concluding Thoughts
54:40 - Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode
- Actcontrary to the markets in order to maintain an analytical approach and maximize reward potential.
- He believes Central Bank Digital Currencies will be rolled out soon, leading to the potential for higher gold and silver prices.
- Brady suggests focusing on miners in North America and waiting for confirmation of the lows.

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David Brady has managed money for banks and businesses for 25 years. Mr. Brady is a CFA charter holder and holds a bachelor's degree in Business Studies and Financial Markets from Dublin City University. He started as a foreign currency trader in USD/DEM and managed multi-billion dollar bond and foreign exchange portfolios for multinationals such as eBay and Salesforce.