Curious Silver Whale Return 2021-2022


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Curious Silver Whale Return 2021-2022


We've warned you on this channel not only about Gresham's Law and disappearing circulating coinage in the USA becoming an increasing trend.

But also the historic predictable fact that derivative driven 'price discovery' commodity and precious metals exchanges often halt short squeeze price ramps to bail out those insiders caught short on the cusp of suffering massive leveraged losses.

Well, this London Metals Exchange (LME) nickel trading halt and even trade repudiation situation appear to be more of the same.

In order to know whose interest this first time in 145-year nickel trading haul decision is in favor of, all one has to do is a few minutes of research.

You see in 2012, the London Metals Exchange or LME was acquired for 1.4 billion fiat pounds not sterling by the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing.

And now just ten years later, they are apparently bailing out a massive Chinese commodity trader to the tune of saving him many billions in potential losses.

Bloomberg reported that Chinese tycoon Xiang Guangda is behind the big nickel short facing losses of more than $2 billion in merely one day of short face-ripping nickel price escalation. Surely there are other losses that had already been piling up prior.

You see Xiang Guangda, a known 'big-shot' in Chinese commodity circles and especially in nickel, as he is the reported controller of the world's largest nickel producer, Tsingshan Holding Group.

Apparently, Xiang got over his skies this past week and likely was forced to put in a few politically connected phone calls to the Hong Kong Metals Exchange to save his naked nickel short behind from further default.

Of course, the winning longs on these LME trades get screwed, and the politically connected skate on losses that should be paid even in bankruptcy court proceedings.

So what do many veteran financial market onlookers think of this news?

Let's have a brief listen to a clip from this week's Risk Reversal MKT Call podcast with Guy Adami & Dan Nathan - https://youtu.be/_sCHAjt0jd4?t=1642

So a 30 standard deviation move in silver is now in the realm of its happened before in leveraged short squeezed metals trading. So it's no wonder we have #SilverSqueeze meme'rs poking and hoping to see a historic upside move in silver akin.

In just a few minutes we are going to dig into details about an SLV Silver Whale theory and investigate how credible these allegations might in fact be.

We're talking about a financial institution that possibly has or is on the cusp of amassing a silver bullion hoard larger than either the 1970s Hunt Brother's 100 million oz or even Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway's 129 million oz raid of silver from the COMEX in the late 1990s.

The gold spot price and silver spot price turned positive weeks in trading action, with gold ramping just shy of its all-time record nominal price in fiat USD of $2070 oz.

Silver finishes the week just under $26 oz, with gold just under $2000 oz.

The gold-silver ratio closed flat at 76.

With the government's rigged Consumer Price Inflation data coming in at a 42 year high just under 8% yr on yr, we take a quick glance at how volatile crude oil traded this week. Briefly spiking under $140 a barrel, none of these recently escalating commodity prices for energy in foodstuffs wherein the recent CPI data either, it's likely we are heading to double-digit CPI prints soon enough.

In terms of their 200 day moving averages throughout this full fiat currency era, here is how gold, silver, and crude's recent price ramping compare to their all-time run-up history.

Only two timeframes have the financial market ever seen a run like this for crude oil.

It was only during the late 1973 1974 Arab oil embargo, and the fiat Iraqi Gulf War in the 1990s have we ever seen crude prices explode to the upside this quickly prior.

Turning now to our main story for this week's SD Bullion Market Update.

Bottom line, we have common base metal prices being short squeezed moon. We have Russian silver bullion bars supposedly underlying nearly one-tenth of the world's largest unsecured silver slush fund now suspended, where will they find that replacement.

Oh and we have institutional funds likely using said fund to squirrel away mass silver bullion redemption before SLV quietly closes that door too with another predictable prospectus and rule revision.

Get you bullion positions sooner, not later.
Best suggestions to benefit from a silver price (possibly temporary) spike?

(apart from the usual back up the truck, boating accident etc etc etc)