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I have a feeling there's a lot more to this Commonwealth Games situation than meets the eye. I reckon the decision comes from a place which understands there will be no Commonwealth Games, and any investment into hosting it will be completely wasted.

It's easy to speculate and conclude that a major event is going to occur. There are so many to choose from (pandemic, Cyber attack, Climate crisis etc) and it seems inevitable that one or more will rear it's ugly head between now and 2026.
spannermonkey said:
Apparently not enough " fuzz " around to provide security

I would've thought the Victorian government would jump on the opportunity to hire mercenaries for this task.
I swear there's more to this. Look at the conflation of agendas here when they suggest  The Commonwealth Games was a "victim of long COVID".

Then look at the other headlines that state MP's are calling "for Dan Andrews to resign"... (Because being a fascist dictator wasn't enough)

Then the last article about Labor MP's who "spoke anonymously to protect their positions"... (Because there's been no other reason to flex that backbone and speak up against Dan Andrews)

The cancellation of the games looks to be very intentional, but not for the reasons stated. It looks like it's going to be used as a scapegoat for Dans removal. Like a power play to bring in a new face for the next stage of the agenda. It's the same reason Ardern was removed and it wouldn't surprise me if Trudeau resigned over the next 12 months, either.


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its best be done and quickly, else what if half the swimmers went belly up lol
many broken hearted participants show up and the hospitals are full.