Citizens Party claims a win against the banks

"No other business gets to survive by telling the customer what's good for them!".

That's a good point about survival. Every business has a choice to do so but surviving and thriving is another story.

Governments get away with it because they have no competition... only backlash. All these institutions and corporations know they have the monopoly, so they're using that leverage and acting like governments. This is just another example of how the people get ushered towards change from these entities supporting the "Agenda". Big tech, corporations, institutions and government should all be exposed for serving a world government (and that's exactly what it is) instead of the people.

The solution is, and always has been, people becoming informed, educated and waking the fuck up. Their Achilles heel is public awareness and their biggest resource is controlling mass-opinion - even (especially) through division.

There's never been a more serious time to talk with people. Telling people facts has never worked. The individual has to own it and have a reason to entertain ideas that provoke dissonance. We, as a forum, should come up with three questions that challenge the controlled. Thought-provoking questions are evidently far more effective than undisputed facts. Questions are not subject to fact-checking. Questions alone present no conspiracy bias. Questions are what lead us to truth seeking.

I recognise there are 3 main elements that the agenda depends on. Trust, Faith and Fear of the establishment or authority. I believe this is one of the only ways to achieve unity in our current environment and put an end to this agenda and all those who support it. Normalise challenging the narrative by creating questions that provoke thought and finding a way to make them trend.

The answer is never teaching people what to think, it's helping them to find a way to think for themselves.

"Do you believe.....?"

"Why do you believe it?"
Do you believe?

The media keeps you informed?
Nobody wants to control you?
Governments and institutions are honest?

Why do you believe it?