Chris Vermeulen: Gold, Silver & Commodities - Patience Required!


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Chris Vermeulen: Gold, Silver & Commodities Repeating Early Bull Cycle Last Seen in 2000

We are joined on Metal Money by Chris Vermeulen, founder of Technical Traders Ltd, as we review the data that shows gold, silver, and commodities are repeating the conditions that led to the precious metals and commodities bull market of the early 2000s.

Chris Vermeulen's Technical Traders: https://www.thetechnicaltraders.com

I could say I've been dissapointed waiting a long time for metals to run, but I'm happy that they haven't, I don't have bulk money to throw at something so it's been a slow slog building my stack. If prices hadn't have stayed as low as they have for the past decade I wouldn't have anywhere near as much as I do now.
I'm at a stage now where I get disappointed if the price jumps and excited when it drops. It will do its thing eventually and we'll all make out like bandits.