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Hi Silveroos!

some silver as a package:

10oz of silver posted registered for $419

1x2013 1oz Land down under colored coin
1x1oz Sunshine minting(eagle design)
5x1oz kangaroo by Melbourne mint
2x1oz NZ fern(some milkspots)
1x2012 Noah's Ark

Thank you!
The above package has sold.

More cheap silver for grabs:

60x1oz ABC Eureka stockade rounds at spot+$5ea+post

At least 20x1oz in one go if possible.

Thank you!
    11oz of silver package-$440 posted(that is about spot+$4 + postage)

    1x1997 1oz kangaroo off the card in capsule
    1x2002 1oz kangaroo off the card in capsule
    2x2013 1oz panda(one without capsule)
    2x2020 1oz WTE(no capsule-one of them is still in great nick)
    5x2016 1oz silver kangaroo

No love for metals at spot+$4? ::) I assume everyone is waiting for the lunar dragon release and the hundred million different variations ;D