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I'm after opinions on carded gold, specifically the smaller sized ones such as the Perth Mint 1 grams and the PAMP Suisse Fortuna Gold Bar 2.5 gram

Those cards V the 1/10 & 1/4 coins

Ease of selling / trading in the future

My interest is in the lower fiat entry point and that would cross over to any future trades as well. Maybe in the Mad Max future or to bribe my way past a Coof Pass Enforcer?

Also, apart from buying from reputable sellers, how would one protect themselves and ensure that they're buying / selling a legitimate gold without destroying the protective card? (Am I talking myself into just buying Sovereigns and Krugerrands?)

All opinions & thoughts appreciated

(presently own zero physical gold. Current strategy is to use AUS / Ainslie Crypto Gold to save up for the full ounce coins)

I always liked the Perth Mint 1 gram cards! I think the higher premium is well worth it as you recoup it on resale. Also good for small payments if need be!
I've found the smaller carded bars to be quite liquid in resale value, the more reputable companies are hot property in a way...
Plus the lower entry price makes it easier to get let's say 16g (near enough to ?oz) of gold from individual purchases, then resell at a later date.