Central Banks Taking All The Gold | Alasdair Macleod

Folk should also be very aware of the implications of Q* and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)
The learning abilities and recent breakthroughs in math learning of AGI will be a game changer.
As we know, math is used in every thing we do, from encryption of the internet, your bank, your credit card, your stocks and of course crypto's could be worth nothing over night because AGI will be able to decipher all code; some say BS but before throwing stones, perhaps investigate what's happening in the new AGI math breakthroughs.
When a massive economy is on on the brink of a debt implosion, you don't need AI to tell you the out come. When the USA balls sag they are done for. Gold all the way, I have to much silver already . ;)
I'm not so sure on gold.
Sure, it's going to shine but the future could challenge our perceptions.
The not so recent touch and go on an asteroid to collect samples, return them to Earth and continue on its merry way to another target give us a clue to the capabilities to target asteroids in the Kuiper Belt or elsewhere. Pretty accurate for old technology.
Add Starship + lots of money, we might see the control of asteroids that are rich in precious metal, I suppose the Psyche mission will give us an idea if particular asteroids are as rich as some say. Any-how, I could see Musk launching a mission to capture a precious metal asteroid, he has the money, AGI, Robots and balls to pull-off such a mission.
Just trying to say, that all the possibilities might be there to grab rare earth metals or precious metals such as gold and platinum but not silver as it might be cheaper on Earth for the next "X" amount of time.
Not saying the end of gold, platinum or rare earths just that things are changing quicker than most expected.
My ticket is gold and silver in my life time but mostly silver.
All the best.
central banks will fight to get the gold
for the ordinary just like stackers, it will be harder and harder to reach that gold (now gold got not much taker)
for the rest of 85% of the population, few percentage will go to silver where the majority don't get anything of precious
as for investors, there is no gold for them only paper lol

this is all happenning after the Russian foreign reserves got stolen, first the interests, then the principles...but Rus also get ALL of the the unfriendly properties in returned and more.