CBDCs Will Be Forced Upon Us Within Two Years, Here?s Their Master Plan


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?You create this event where the dollar were not clinging to the privilege of the world reserve?s currency,? says Andy Schectman, president and CEO of precious metals investment management company Miles Franklin. He claims that the U.S. government deliberately incentivizes de-dollarization to let the system collapse and reset in order to ease off the insurmountable debt issue. ?We have $5 trillion in assets backing $155 trillion in debt... Forty percent of our assets are student debt,? he says. Additionally, he says the price of gold performs lower than it should because the Western system has suppressed the precious metal's price for a long time in order to support a bond market. ?Gold is the antithesis of the Western system,? he argues.

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00:00 BRICS nations and their alliance
4:42 Energy dominance of BRICS countries
8:57 U.S. dollar
11:40 CBDCs
14:40 Weaponizing 'King Dollar'
19:40 Is the U.S. Incentivizing De-Dollarization?
25:23 Heading Towards a Great Reset
28:28 Is it Tough to Bet on Gold Now?
30:00 Gold is the Antithesis of the Western System