Capital Flows To Where It?s Treated Best. Here's where It's Flowing (For Now).


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By Capitalist Exploits - Friday, Aug 19, 2022


New Dubai real estate law to boost property investments as sector skyrockets: https://www.arabianbusiness.com/money/wealth/money-wealth-real-estate/new-dubai-real-estate-law-to-boost-property-investments-as-sector-skyrockets

It is a known fact that capital moves to where it?s treated best. Those wily Arab merchants know where their bread is buttered, and as the collapse of the Western-led financial system continues apace, they are seizing on the opportunity and encouraging the already strong inflows of capital.

Why wouldn?t they?

This, while over in clog country the government are seizing farmers? lands because? air.


Yes, air is 78% nitrogen, and so by claiming nitrogen is bad, you?re basically claiming air is bad.
Composition of air..


The air consists of 78% nitrogen. The Climate Communists have declared war on air.

The point I?m making is this.

Watch what is driving policy changes and consider whether they are beneficial to economic growth and personal ownership or not.

You can sing and dance all day long about Western democracies rule of law? blah, blah, blah.

Rule of law is being dismantled in front of our eyes, and when folks finally wake to this reality, the value of the assets in these countries, if they?re not already in the hands of the likes of Blackrock or the state itself, will be worth less, and in some instances worthless.

Don?t fuck around. You?ve been warned.

Is Dubai going to be the answer?

I dunno, but I do know this. They are moving in the right direction. They are not only not woke, they?re anti-woke, they are refusing to sanction, preferring to position themselves as a neutral domicile.


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