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Postage and insurance is the issue.
I have to go through my stock and separate it between the shop and fleebay.
Give me a call and I'll try to sort something out for you.
spannermonkey said:
shinymetal said:
spannermonkey said:
shinymetal said:
Question for you.
How are you going to deal with buy backs?
Will they all be thrown in a tub and sold as low premium so customers have a crack at a bargain or will you sort the wheat from the chaff and list the better things that come in for what they're worth?

I'd prefer the former, but at the same time I'd understand if you go the latter.
Low premium will go out as low premium , like the tube of Roos I sold & the last stackers meeting.
But when I have to go out & actually look for stock & have to pay +$5-$6 minium .
I'm going to get as much as possible for it .
I paid $36 each for 1890's silver eagles .
Do you really think I'm going to let them go for $45-$50 ?
Our main lines are low premium 1kg silver bars
And 1oz gold ingots.
Everything else is cream

1890's Eagles? did you mean 1990's?
If you did mean 1890's what is a 1890's eagle?
Silver Dollar sorry

Morgan's? I might be interested in picking up a few.
Much better prices (not generic) on older style 10 oz Perth Mint silver bars from a smaller independent dealer.