Bitcoin Is Self Preservation


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Authored by Alex McShane via BitcoinMagazine.com,

Central planning has been so pervasively normalized that whole sectors of society have become dependent on the largesse of the fiat monster. Bitcoin fixes this.


All living organism share a universal behavior set called self preservation. Self preservation is the set of behaviors that ensures the survival of an organism. Bitcoin is financial self preservation. Many hold Bitcoin to increase the longevity and appreciation of their wealth and therewith their health. Buying Bitcoin is trading time now for time later. Its price appreciation and value preservation allots one more time to attend to physical and mental health needs.

One function of Bitcoin is to release us from the tyranny of fiat money. The problem with government money by mandate is that it has no integrity, and is debased at will, indefinitely. This is true of all fiat monetary systems. Through taxation, inflation, and confiscation, the government can tightly control, as well as steal from the wealth of its citizens. Central planning has been so pervasively normalized that whole sectors of society have become dependent on the largesse of the fiat monster.

Fear is an integral part of all organisms' survival mechanisms. Think of a deer in the woods that bolts away from you. Pain is just as important of teacher. Pain motivates one to withdraw from dangerous and deadly situations. Most populations on the planet have suffered the abuses of fiat systems, which are often introduced slowly, acquiring power steadily, until suddenly the population and their property has been extorted by degrees.

Bitcoin was invented to undermine and obsolete systemic monetary oppression by governments. If pain reminds us to protect our wounds until they heal, the irresponsible and corrupt actions of governments worldwide have taught Bitcoin holders and advocates to never trust another to be the wardens of our health, our wealth, or our property. Global governments? disastrous misallocation of resources and power encourage us to avoid outsourcing money creation as well as wealth custody and management in the future.

Bitcoin will grant many the prosperity to vote in a way that matters, with their unconfiscatable capital and with their feet. The actionable and justified response to government overreach and theft by mandated money is to exit your local fiat currency through buying Bitcoin.

When the cause of pain is removed from a body and the body has healed, in most cases, the pain ceases. It will be a while before the world is healed of the financial and broader devastation wrought by governments, their fiat money and their central planning. Though each year Bitcoin adoption grows, and we move closer toward hyperbitcoinization.

Many experience not only a cessation of excess financial burden when they convert to a Bitcoin standard, but they feel elated even at the prospect of work, because they can now preserve the value of their work and their time, and the value of their wealth appreciates long term through Bitcoin. They are accumulating a digital capital resource that can be preserved or reallocated at their will, without permission or fear of debasement or confiscation.

When it comes to pain, financial or ordinary, in some cases phantom pain and fear persist despite the removal of stimulus and the body?s healing. Sometimes pain occurs in absence of any detectable stimulus, injury, or disease. In the case of individual financial security and human behavior in aggregate, fiat will always be remembered as the catalyst for the long and arduous transition to a healthy global Bitcoin standard.

In terms of self preservation, fear can cause an organism to seek safety and even release adrenaline. Adrenaline (or epinephrine) is a hormone which acts as a neurotransmitter involved in regulating things like respiration. You can think of Bitcoin as monetary adrenaline, digital energy that can be stored anywhere and that can be spent at will. Bitcoin is a pain response through which humans have engineered their way out of centuries-old money and energy problems.

Adrenaline plays a big part in fight-or-flight survival responses through pupil dilation, blood sugar level, output of heart, and increasing blood flow to muscles. Adrenaline is even found in some single celled organisms. In the case of Bitcoin, this monetary adrenaline can be applied to all facets of society, through permissionless transactions, and pseudonymous holdings, at any scale. Bitcoin is accessible to virtually anyone, and there is enough immutable supply that everyone on the planet can afford to hold it and deploy the world?s most robust form of purchasing power and monetary adrenaline as they choose.

Today we have the same capacity for knowledge that they had in ancient Egypt. One major difference is that today we have engineered far more sophisticated means of self protection, and developed better means of acquisition and defense of our private property through Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a lasting digital reminder of the biological lesson of self preservation.

By distancing oneself from the fiat realm through Bitcoin, one can see that not only is the fiat system adversarial at all levels, but it actively does harm to the populace. You are in competition. Through Bitcoin you can at the very least least carry out your capital competitions with a transparent and immutable ruleset.

On a biological level, the only evidence of life is change. Spreading Bitcoin adoption is the most dynamic, effective, and peaceful revolution we can have in response to fiat?s wide spread though centrally controlled oppression.