Big Money Is All Of The Sudden Buying The Dips In Gold


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Big money is all of the sudden buying the dips in the gold market.

January 7 (King World News) ? Eric King:  ?Alasdair, what are your thoughts on what is unfolding with gold and silver to kickoff 2022??

Alasdair Macleod:  ?It?s interesting because we were discussing off the air that sentiment is now so negative, and actually you want to see that before you can say that the market is set for a decent bull run. In the last few days the market was hit but the interesting thing is that with the market falling the Open Interest on Comex has actually risen. This is unusual. Managed money had increased their long positions in the run up into the 31st of December, so the commercials hit gold in the first few days of the new year and Open Interest was falling. But suddenly, in the last two days, it started rising. Now that tells me?to hear Alsadair Macleod discuss why big money is suddenly buying dips in the gold market Listen Here: https://kingworldnews.com/kwn-metals-wrap-with-alasdair-macleod-1-7-2022/
not sure if youre watching the wallstreetsilver subreddit but u/Ditch_the_Deepstate is doing a great job of tracking COMEX movements and open interest. Big money seems to be buying the dip and BoA is on the ropes defending their shorts.