Australian, Riccardo Bosi at His Best

He came out and spoke at a local hall near me like 2 weeks ago, I got sick the day before and couldn't make it.
I like him. But I am a but sus on him, he was saying all that "arrests are imminent." Shit years ago now and it never played out... but I do like the  jist of what he says.
He speaks well & says ?the right things?, but never backs it up with substance.
I challenged him on it & told him he?s good at G?ing people up but he offers nothing more than ?we are closer than you think?.
He runs down legitimate opposition.
He does a very good job of dividing like minded factions & I?ve seen this first hand on numerous occasions.
I believe he?s an agent provocateur & bullshit artist based on my first hand observations on at least 6 occasions.
No arrests are imminent.

Surely that old promise doesn't work anymore?

Tip:  no-one is coming to rescue us.  It is up to individuals to awake and work with likeminded individuals at a local level