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Hi Roos,

Up for auction is a mint condition Silveroos round. All proceeds will be donated to Paul (owner of Zeus the black truck) to offer our support and help with his upcoming court battle. For more information, please check out the donation thread:


Silveroos - "One ounce of freedom". I couldn't think of a more appropriate piece of silver to auction here for this cause.

Auction starts at $1 with bidding increments of $1.

Auction ends at 8pm AEST on Saturday the 29th of July.

5 minute anti snipe rule in place.

Free express post and a juicy 'Mystery Prize' will be awarded to the winner!

Thank you to everyone who takes part.


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Silver Soul said:
I have lots of these $20. One more

The Mystery prize is well worth it, too. I can almost guarantee you'll like it and it's not something you already have.

I would hope that Simeon and Avi are offering support considering there involvement at the time and soon after the event.
Ends tonight at 8pm. Thanks for all the bids so far!

Remember Roos, it comes with a mystery prize (silver) and free express post for the winner.
Over 4 hours to go - Ends 8pm tonight!

The winner receives free express post and a bonus "mystery prize" at the end.

To make it more interesting, I'm going to add random inclusions between now and the auction finish.

The first Inclusion is a 1947 Florin with marked weight and purity.


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Less than 30 minutes to go. Further inclusions have been halted due to low bidding interest.