Alternative investments. Your view

Administrator said:
Anything that typically does well in a high inflation economy should do well.

We all know inflation will get out of control, so what are you doing to protect yourself?
I don't know what to do. Honestly, I think buying bulk, non-perishable food items is the way to go now. Things are heating up and this might be the last opportunity to prepare before you're competing with the zombies for scraps.
alor said:
baby formula few warehouses :)
medical supplies
finally few stingers
Costco had some baby formula on clearance. Not my cup of tea though.

What's everyone's thoughts on property?
its for trade, something that can last and can be traded easily is useful
some food are just poisons for other people, keep that in mind
The family have invested 3 deep bores and pumps run by solar power so far.  The aim is to have ten of these over the farms eventually for food security and any oddball climate changes that might popup
Skunk oil is our major priority now since the government legalised it at long last. Old people and poor people can find  peace in their pain now from it.
spectators are not fleeing :)