A summary of why the US empire is collapsing


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When they knock down three buildings with two planes to justify the invasion of Israel's enemies and line the pockets of private companies like Halliburton, while the vice president (Dick Cheney) is on the board of directors, and then they need an excuse to invade another country which is not linked to that attack at all. So they lie to the UN and the American people to invade Iraq, saying they have weapons of mass destruction which are never found. But in researching the initial attack, it turns out that the first country they originally blamed really didn't have anything to do with it either, and all the actors are linked to either Saudi Arabia or Israel. There is a literal think-tank policy paper stating that there needs to be a new Pearl Harbor to justify invading Israel's enemies, written in the 90s. Meanwhile, the government's fiscal policy has become unlimited deficit spending and reduced interest rates and financial deregulation to recover from the dotcom crash, and this leads to a housing bubble which reveals that their financial institutions are completely corrupt and have destroyed their banking industry through gambling away everyone's collective savings. So, they double down and print more money and drop the interest rate to ~0%, and everyone gets mad and starts telling them to put the bankers in jail for destroying the economy through a combination of greed and incompetence. But they print even more money and give it to the bankers, who buy up and consolidate media to the point where they introduce identity politics to divide and conquer the "put bankers in jail" movement and relabel it as "end white oppression". But in 2014, a bunch of autistic gamers harass some slut for sleeping with video game journalists for reviews, and then their network of identity politics-spewing feminists are linked back to their hedge fund manager do-boy Soros, and now people have realized why the "put bankers in jail" movement stopped. But they own all the journalists already, so news of this doesn't really spread, so then they print even more money so banks can get back to owning everything. But the wars they started have stalled, and people have to be dying for them to make money selling weapons, so they start color revolutions in the Muslim world called the Arab Spring, and they topple Gaddafi for being uppity and trying to start his own currency, because if the rest of the world isn't buying their energy in dollars, their corrupt economy based on cheap interest and printed money won't work. So they test out different revolution scenarios with respect to turning off the internet or leaving it on throughout the Middle East, and they say people are doing all of this for freedom and democracy. But then Egypt elects the Muslim Brotherhood, who don't like the US and Israel, so they have a military coup so the Egyptians can democratically elect the people they want them to. While this is going on, they pass the Smith Mundt Modernization Act, which allows the US government to use propaganda on its own citizens, which is going to be convenient because their patsy's son (Hunter Biden) is on the payroll of a Ukrainian gas company, which connects with the problem posed by Russia selling gas to Europe. Because Russia would definitely be able to sell energy without using the dollar, which is a major problem, as the dollar would be worthless if people weren't forced to use it to live. So, in 2014, they stage a revolution in Ukraine, which also has gas and pipelines going into Europe, to create an alternative for Europe to use in case something were to "accidentally happen" to the Nord Stream pipelines Russia uses to get gas to Europe, leading to a civil war in Ukraine. Their Department of State officials have their phone calls leaked discussing who they want in the new Ukrainian government. Later on their Patsy's son's (Hunter Biden) emails are leaked and in May of 2014 he declines a golf invitation because he is "busy taking over Ukraine," and none of this will ever be covered by the media, even though this is documented and publicly available evidence that the President-to-be is corrupt because they made it legal to use government propaganda on US citizens, and honest journalists commit suicide by shooting themselves twice in the back of the head. But anyway, this civil war happens where paramilitary groups terrorize the eastern half of Ukraine, which is majority Russian, and these groups set up on Russia's border. Then, their plans get delayed because some New York real estate agent (Donald Trump) gets elected president. So they hold up their entire presidency with constant accusations and sham trials and accuse him of being a Russian agent because Russia is the only major country that can resist their efforts, and them working together would be disastrous for their banking empire. They then commit voter fraud to get their loyal Patsy (Joe Biden) back in office. But the real estate agent's policies weren't great for their scam banking empire. So in August of 2019, the Central Bank of the United States, which is a private bank that they own, starts doing emergency liquidity loans to the tune of 4.5 trillion dollars. One month after this starts, they have their bitch little Billy Gates join up with their WEF front organization and Johns Hopkins to wargame a pandemic where they hand out coronavirus plushies. Six months later, in March of 2020, they roll out a media blitz about a global pandemic which has been fueled for the past three months by blurry "leaked" videos of people coughing up blood and dying in the street and piles of body bags from China. In March, they also pass laws changing the reserve requirements banks have to hold to 0%, so they no longer have to care about whether or not they have money since it's all printed and made up anyway, and it only really has value because they have to have it to buy energy. So, to make sure people will have to keep paying for energy constantly with dollars, they fund green movements in Europe to get rid of nuclear energy, which is the cleanest form of energy, in favor of natural gas power plants which produce the CO2 they have been demonizing. But this means Europe will be buying gas in dollars, and that's what matters. And while they're doing this, they're rolling out a completely untested mRNA vaccine, which has never even made it to human trials in the past and telling people it's safe and effective. So the government keeps printing money and giving it to pharmaceutical companies who have a contract saying they have zero liability for problems caused by this untested vaccine. And while everyone is freaking out about either the virus or the tyrannical actions of their governments, they print trillions more dollars and start using a massive fund called BlackRock to keep the bond market afloat. And while they are giving them trillions of dollars, they make sure they promote investing by a metric called ESG, which means they invest in companies based on how diverse and green they are rather than how profitable they are. They also have them create an investing platform called Aladdin, which is used by almost all other institutional investors, and it uses ESG scores to evaluate companies as well. This causes a massive increase in useless jobs, which exist solely to fulfill diversity quotas because that increases stock value more than producing a quality product and selling it for profit. This leads to an entire sector of the economy arising which produces nothing of value, which is really par for the course since 90% of the US economy is printed money, cheap debt, and pretending that investing is anything other than institutionally manipulated gambling. And then, as they are trying to come out of this fake pandemic, they used to try to reduce the velocity of money to stave off inflation from their addiction to money printing and because people are realizing the pandemic was a lie and they want to work. Putin invades Ukraine and jeopardizes their future plan to keep everyone using the US dollar no matter how much money printing they do. So they go back to their only real plan, which is to blow up anyone who doesn't use the dollar to buy energy. But Russia has nukes, so they can't invade them, so they commit to sending an unending supply of weapons, armor, and ammunition to Ukraine in the hope that they can somehow keep alive this dream of the rest of the world being dependent on the US dollar despite printing it to the point of massive inflation to support unlimited deficit spending, lining the pockets of billionaires and creating a completely unaccountable ruling class served by the politicians of the world, and who own the media ensuring that their will shall be done, even if it means killing off an entire country worth of people to get a gas pipeline that will only sell fuel for dollars. So they can keep printing money for themselves, and the rest of the world has to keep pretending their printed money has value.
And all the while deceiving the masses with the words " In God we Trust " on debt tokens they call money! Pure evil sucking the life out of the nation and its people.