50% Stock Correction; Then Silver Goes Ballistic | Chris Vermeulen


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As the stock market reaches all-time highs, Chris Vermeulen of The Technical Traders warns of a huge crash coming. He expects equities to fall by 50% in a massive correction that could last years. While he says gold and silver could take a dip during the correction, he forecasts much higher prices afterward. Silver could go "ballistic" in a final rally, he says.

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1:30 Gold & silver update
7:00 Stock market correction
12:30 USD Index
15:07 Signs of crash
16:10 50% stock crash
20:17 The Technical Traders
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I mean ... a market crash isn't exactly an outlandish call. I'm watching to see how the Federal Reserve and FDIC managing the looming regional banking crisis here in the USA. Without some interventions, 2024 looks to notch a lot of bank deaths on the wall. If the Fed sticks to their word on maintaining QT, markets are going to have a rough time.
Market to one side, on the ground I see a chronic sustained labour shortage. Anyone willing to work can, in abundance. Great time to start a business. Limitation to expansion will most likely be finding workers.