2011 1/10oz gold Panda (SOLD)

Aurora et Luna

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Sealed 1/10oz 2011 Panda
Asking $360
Registered postage $7
If Austpost loses this parcel, I will share 50% of the losses


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Sorry  Silver Soul, as far as I am aware my prices is already $19.77 less than the Bullion Store and they charge  $15 minimum shipping (Express)and unless you pay insurance, they certainly won't cover half the losses if Australia post loses the parcel.
Send $7 to the administrator to help with his administration fee and I am happy to do the deal.
My business model is to sell at a lowest price than my competitors not start high and haggle the price lower.
Wait till you see what I charge for 1/20 oz Perth mint coins  when I start listing them here🥰
I want Silveroos to be the place to shop, not ss
Have a good  evening
Ok done deal $7 to admin and one sold 1/10 panda.  Deal? Also I don't know what else you are selling so I will  combine my purchases if I may?