Silver Under $20 | Here?s What You Need to Know - David Morgan


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David Morgan joins us to discuss the latest in the Silver markets as the price has now dropped below $20 per oz. We also talk about the latest Inflation Data, and more.

They also had a great interview with Steve Penny recently:


I really like Steve and his market insights. He perfectly called the sideways consolidation of Silver and Gold in the late months of 2020.
silver and gold tend togo down during the early stages of these economic events but they come back harder than before.
AUD is trash right now so its staying up ok compared to AUD
have to buy just before the stocks ran out, wait till the last click to buy lol may be below <$18
Broken markets


look at the Aug 2022 low and Sept 2022  low at 18.065 and 18.095 respectively ;)