Silver Price Watch

Ties in with some of the information, you speak of STKR...i think you probably have a better idea then most on subject of stockpiles,etc your research and knowledge is impressive as always :) been looking into some trading but so far only junior miners on asx as wall street i believe is only exchange that allows us access to trade "paper"/digital. Im a stacker(amateur one) at best but on fixed income atm so buying and selling Ag companies can mirror price movement as long as good financials and desposits so then can buy more physical, its worked before and worth a lil gamble. Need to learn to read candles,etc been following what u guys say but mostly another foreign alien language ;)

I don't want to offer advice on what to trade and would always encourage you to do your own research, but I have my eyes on First Majestic Silver stock at the moment. Actually, I've just put a position on and if it falls further then I'll place another position later.

The video says we've had deficits since 2019 but we've had deficits going back 40 years that far offset any years of surplus. Look at 10 years from 2009-18. If you factor in the silver that went to ETF's under ETP (Exchange Traded Product) it shows a deficit of over 800 Million Oz's! I'm surprised we never hear any of the Silver channels asking where this silver is coming from or why the government can keep stockpiles secret if it's coming from government sources. The industry should be demanding full disclosure if the stockpiles are going to be used to manage the price, rather than being kept as strategic reserves.

I'm surprised we never hear any of the Silver channels asking where this silver is coming from or why the government can keep stockpiles secret if it's coming from government sources.

back in 2014, the first thing got taken out from Ukraine was their gold reserves, big pirate is always busy
can always ask Luffy De Dragon in One Piece
Here in the USA, CPI numbers were released this morning that were slightly cooler than expectations. The markets (gold, silver, crypto, etc.) reacted as if this increases the chance that the Fed might cut rates later today. More volatility lies ahead this afternoon (USA time) as the Fed could cut (possible, but not necessarily likely), raise (possible, but even less likely) or hold (most likely and expected). A cut and gold, silver and crypto are off to the races.
a rate cut is further disincentive of parking dollars in US treasuries, hence the holding of it outside USA
it is term dedollarisesation incentives, ie dollar abandonment
You've gotta have a chuckle at the smashing down of Silver. In no world is it justified when you assess the fundamentals. The bankers subsequently supply the nails for their own coffin. I subscribe to the belief that Silver's price is suppressed (I think it's naive to think it's not) and still remains the most undervalued asset worth owning in today's upsidedown world. Maybe I'm a little delusional but I think silver is the Achilles heel to the derivatives market and the kryptonite to the financial system. Gold is hoarded by the globalists because it can be. But there appears to be more silver in the hands of stackers like you and me than there is in the vaults of the oppressors, and the globalists cannot hoard silver like they hoard gold Because it's consumed daily by industry. Instead, they use what they have to keep silver suppressed and offer us a unique gift to partake in their detriment. It's funny how all we have to do is buy a few ounces each to do some real damage to the system, but too few of the 'normies' even know the silver story. All I can say is load up while the going is good because there will be a point in time where all we can do is reminisce of the opportunity that once laid before us. Every smackdown is a step closer to being the last smackdown, and the beginning of the end for cheap silver.
The bankers hold the gold, but the people hold the silver. Which metal will run out first? A DYOR moment to consider :D
Will there be a further pull back to March 2024 prices and nothing over 30 until Sept? Then 45-50? I am tempted to tune out completely for 3 months , looking at price becomes addictive and (after the boating accidents) im fairly new and the stack is small.
I traveld to India in the early 90s for a long holiday over 12 months worth! And I can tell you that the world's reserve of silver is in that country. They even pound it down so thin they can consume it as a medicine to kill bad stomach bugs. I've seen pillars of pure silver and temple walls silver claded it is so mind moving to fathom how many millions of ounces are idolised there
The next few weeks are crucial for the next leg up. Hopefully, we will get a nice solid bounce off the trendline as we do not want to see candles drifting into the cloud.