Good crypto scam you might make money on


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High risk,maybe high reward, and high potential for a rug pull, these staking aps with insane staking returns they promise of 700000% for staking them.essentially interest.
Might be worth putting $50 on them if your willing to lose it but might make good money if you get out before a rug pull, and get in early.
this one is starting to take off.

Not financial advice, lol

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so i dabbled in a couple of these DAOs with high APYs. will share my experience so far.
KLIMA tanked so i am down about $700 AUD
TIME i initially threw $5k into but decided it wasnt worth that much risk. Pulled it all out (broke even) and then threw another $500 in for a gamble. Am only about $70 or so down on this at the moment
JADE threw in $500 and honestly thought it was going to take off, but theyve basically soft rug pulled by turning off rebases and using the funds for an entirely different project? My $500 is now worth about $30 so im just sitting on it now to see what happens.

Moral of the story, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is, and these are just massive ponzis.